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Jones Cinema Arts Options Jeff Kripal's ESALEN Book

I am delighted to announce Jones Cinema Arts has acquired an option to make a documentary based on Jeffrey J. Kripal'sESALEN: AMERICA AND THE RELIGION OF NO RELIGION.  Kripal's book is the definitive intellectual history of the influential Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. Established in 1962, Esalen was at the heart of the counter-culture through the revolutionary 1960's, evolving into a leader in alternative and experimental education by fusing the best elements of Buddhist meditation, Western psychology and science, and Indian yoga.  An incubator and origin point for all things New Age, today Esalen stands at the center of the human potential movement.

The film will be titled Supernature: The Story of Esalen.

"An impressive new book. . . . [Kripal] has written the definitive intellectual history of the ideas behind the institute.”―San Francisco Chronicle

“Kripal examines Esalen’s extraordinary history and evocatively describes the breech birth of Murphy and Price’s brainchild. His real achievement, though, is effortlessly synthesizing a dizzying array of dissonant phenomena (Cold War espionage, ecstatic religiosity), incongruous pairings (Darwinism, Tantric sex), and otherwise schizy ephemera (psychedelic drugs, spaceflight) into a cogent, satisfyingly complete narrative.”―Atlantic Monthly

“Kripal has produced the first all-encompassing history of Esalen: its intellectual, social, personal, literary and spiritual passages. Kripal brings us up-to-date and takes us deep beneath historical surfaces in this definitive, elegantly written book.”―Playboy