Supernature Interviewees

(In alphabetical order by last name)
Nora Bateson, filmmaker, former Esalen community member and daughter of Gregory Bateson
Carl Bressler, long-time Esalen attendee
Dorothy Charles, former Esalen community member and teacher
Fritjof Capra, Esalen scholar and author of The Tao of Physics
Adam Crabtree, historian of psychology and author or Trance Zero
Ama Delevett, former Esalen community member
Steve Donovan, former President of Esalen and co-author of Physical and Psychological Effects of Meditation
Jim Fadiman, Esalen scholar and author of The Psychedelic Explorer's Guide
Don Fann, nonprofit management consultant and former Esalen community member
Christina Grof, psychotherapist and founder of the Spiritual Emergence Network
Stanislav Grof, psychiatrist, transpersonal psychology pioneer and author of When the Impossible Happens
Jessica Grogan, psychologist and author of Encountering America
Steve Harper, Esalen veteran and expert hiking guide
Nick Herbert, quantum physicist and author of Quantum Reality
Bill Herr, current Esalen community member
Peggy Horan, current Esalen community member
Don Hanlon Johnson, professor of somatics and author of The Body in Psychotherapy
Ed Kelly, neuroscientist and author of Irreducible Mind
Pam Kramer, President of Integral Transformative Practice
Jeff Kripal, historian of religions and author of Esalen: American and the Religion of No Religion
Ed Maupin, teacher, former Esalen community member and author of A Dynamic Relation to Gravity
Debra Meadows, current Esalen community member
Birgit Menzel, professor of applied linguistic and cultural science
Dulce Murphy, Track-Two Executive Director
Mac Murphy, former Esalen community member and son of Michael and Dulce Murphy
Michael Murphy, Esalen co-founder and author of The Future of the Body
Stuart Nelson, recent Esalen work scholar
Chris Price, former Esalen community member and teacher; widow of Esalen co-founder Dick Price
Elizabeth Rauscher, theoretical physicist and co-founder of the Berkeley Fundamental Fysiks Group
Dana Sawyer, professor of religion and author of Aldous Huxley: A Biography
Russell Targ, experimental physicist and author of Limitless Mind
Richard Tarnas, former Esalen community member and author of The Passion of the Western Mind
Charles Tart, psychologist and author of Altered States of Consciousness
Dorothy Thomas, former Esalen community member
Pam Walatka, former Esalen community member
Rudi Price-Waldrip, former Esalen community member, daughter of Dick and Chris Price
Gordon Wheeler, current President and CEO of Esalen and author of Gestalt Reconsidered
Nancy Lunney-Wheeler, past President of Esalen